I. Scheduling an Appointments

The client agrees and acknowledges that scheduled appointments and office walk-in appointments are billed at $125 per appointment. The appointment fee is credited to any service request within 30 days of the appointment. Requests for follow-up services are billed on an as-needed basis at the firm’s billable rate and/or at the firm’s flat rate fee schedule. CANCELLATION POLICY: The appointment fee must be paid at least 24 hours before the appointment or will be automatically canceled. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment you must reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of your appointment or you will be charged a cancellation fee of $125.00.

II. Billable Hour Rates/ Flat Rate Billing

Clients wishing to obtain billable hour services agree to purchase a minimum of ten hours at our firm’s hourly rate of $125 per hour. Billable hour packages are sold in 10-hour increments packages and can be used for any services offered by our firm. Clients wishing to obtain accounting solutions using our flat rate services model agree to purchase an accounting solution package or purchase accounting services on an à la carte  basis. See our FLAT RATE fee schedule.

III. Billable Expenses

Clients agree to pay out-of-pocket expenses for mileage traveled to and from the client’s location at the IRS standard mileage rate; expense for copies, faxes, and scans in excess of 10 pages at $0.25 per/page; expense for US Priority Mail at $10 per mailing, and “at cost” for any additional required expenses ( i.e third-party service providers, IRS/state administrative fee, etc). Billable expenses may be collected with a deposit or invoiced, or the client can leave a credit card or bank account on file to cover the client’s expenses. Invoices are due on receipt and will incur an initial $30 late fee after 7 days past due, plus $25 per month after 30 days past due. If for any reason the account is turned over to an attorney for collection, an additional charge of 33 1/3% will be added to cover the collection cost. Statements with unpaid balances are sent out once a month on the 1st of every month. Clients can securely pay online with a credit card. Credit card payments carry a 4% flat processing fee.

IV. Right to Terminate Services:

All parties have the right to terminate services without reason by providing a 14-day written notice of intent to terminate services. OUR RIGHT TO IMMEDIATELY TERMINATE: We have the right to immediately terminate services, at our discretion without notification, if you don’t provide us with any information we request in a timely manner, refuse to cooperate with our reasonable requests, misrepresent any facts, not paying a retainer request within “3 days or running an unpaid balance account. Our termination will release us from any obligation to provide services and will constitute the completion of our services requirements. You agree to compensate us for our time and out-of-pocket expenses through the date of our termination. NOT PAYING A RETAINER REQUEST within the required time allotted will result in our right to immediately terminate services without notice, which will cause us to cease from performing any additional services, and will release us from any liability to meet any required deadlines which may carry late penalties and fees. Cases will automatically close after three failed attempts of requesting the client’s cooperation in providing the necessary documents, payments, and or requested information to perform services. The client acknowledges and consents to a $150 reinstatement fee to reopen a case/matter that has been terminated.

V. Dispute Resolution:

In the event of a dispute related in any way to our services, our firm and you agree to discuss the dispute and, if necessary, to promptly mediate in a good faith effort to resolve. We will agree on a mediator and will share the mediator’s fees and expenses equally, but otherwise will bear our own attorneys’ fees and mediation costs. Participation in such mediation shall be a condition to either of us initiating litigation. In order to allow time for the mediation, any applicable statute of limitations shall be tolled for a period not to exceed 120 days from the date either of us first requests in writing to mediate the dispute. The mediation shall be confidential in all respects, as allowed or required by law.

VI. Payment Acceptance

We accept payments by cash, checks, money order, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) in person or electronically. We request that you leave a credit card or account information on file to simplify ongoing billing and client expense requirements; this optional, but will allow timely payment of your bill and will not inadvertently cause, late fees, and/or termination or delay in services due to non-payment. Clients who elect not to provide a credit card on file are required to pay for all proposed services to be performed in advance under a retainer agreement for services.

Updated periodically. Last Updated 11/18/2022, effective 1/1/2023

VII. Agreement/ Acceptance

Clients wishing to engage our accounting services should acknowledge by signing below indicating they accept and agree, which outlines the basis of our firm’s general scheduling, billing, and financial policies.

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