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Business Tax Checklist

Client Intake

  • Business Information Sheet
  • Personal Information Sheet (Required for each owner, partner, or shareholder)
  • Tax returns for the last two years, including state returns
  • IRS EIN Letter (New Clients)
  • Article of Incorporation/ Articles of Operations (New Clients)
  • By-Laws/ Operating Agreement/ Partnership Agreement (New Clients)
  • State Corporation Commission Registration (New Clients)
  • Corporate Resolutions (If the business is closing)
  • S/C-Corp Election Acceptance Letter (if first year as S-Corp)
  • Copies of depreciation schedule for books, tax, and AMT (if claiming depreciation)
  • Pay Retainer Make Payment- $650- Sign Retainer Agreement and Billing and Financial Policy
  • NOTE: We will process tax returns actions in the order in which we receive them based on the priority of clients who have submitted all their required documents to us for processing and who have paid a deposit.

Financial Statements/Report

  • Business Financial Statements
  • Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement)
  • Balance Sheet (Assets & Liabilities)- PY/CY
  • General Ledger Report
  • Business Bank Reconciliation Reports and Bank Statements
  • Depreciation Schedule, or Original Receipts for Asset if plan to claim depreciation deduction including section 179

Payroll Reports

  • Payroll Tax and Wage Summary
  • Forms 940, 941, and state quarterly tax filing reports
  • Payroll Forms, Employer Copy W3, W2s
  • Contractor payment Form’s 1096, 1099s

Employer-Employee Benefits Plans

  • Reimbursement Plan- Accountable Plan for reimbursements for mileage, meals or entertainments
  • Medical Reimbursement Plan
  • Group Health Insurance Benefits Plan Documents
  • SEP IRA/ 401K Retirement Planning Documents
  • Any other benefit planning documents

Document Exchange Policy

Our firm follows a strict document exchange policy that is mandated by the Internal Revenue Services to Secure Taxpayer Data. IRS Safeguard Taxpayer Data