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Flat Rate & Service Packages


Our fees are simple, fair, and transparent. We value long-term business relationships and our professional services offer great value to any small business or taxpayer with tax problems. Our approach is simple and designed to give you peace of mind. During our first call or meeting, you will know immediately how we can help you protect and grow your small business or resolve your tax, payroll, and accounting problems.

Tax Preparation, Accounting & Payroll

Tax Preparation Services

  • Business Income Tax Filing $650 per filing
  • Personal Income Tax Filing $350 per filing
  • Non-Profit Tax Filing $550 per filing
  • Estate Income Tax Filing $650 per filing
  • Trust Income Tax Filing $650 per filing
  • Gift Tax Filing $550 per filing
  • Estimated Tax Filing $125 per filing

*The tax preparation services fee is a stand-alone paid for services in accordance with IRS Circular 230

Annual Accounting Services

  • $1,500 Minimum: This rate is limited to no more than 725 transactions for the reporting period; no more than 2 banking/credit statements reconciliation, and an annual profit and loss statement. Request 1-Password to get started.

What we will do:

  • Reconstructions of Financial Record
  • Collations of Banking and Accounting System Records
  • CD/CR Transaction Entry
  • Bank & Credit Statements Reconciliation
  • Transaction Analysis

Our Accounting Rates:

  • $25 per month Cloud Accounting System
  • $125 per Profit & Loss Statements
  • $125 per Balance Sheet
  • $125 per Statement of Shareholder/Partner Capital Account
  • $1.25 per Cash Receipt transaction
  • $1.25 per Cash Disbursement transaction
  • $1.25 per Check Retrieval
  • $20 Per Bank/CC Statement Reconciliation

Payroll Accounting Services

  • $35 per week
  • $3.25 per W2/1099
  • $3.25 per check printed
  • Covers up to 5 Employees and/or contractors
  • addlt employee/contractor $0.75 per week
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly Payroll Run
  • Pay as You Go Worker Compensation
  • Pay as You Go Tax Payments
  • Direct Deposit for Employees and Contractors
  • Check Printing Options
  • Employee/ Contractor Job Costing
  • Garnishment services
  • 401k/Retirement Plans Reporting
  • Health Benefits Insurance Reporting
  • Outsourced HR Management Support
  • Job Costing
  • and more
  • See Brochure

NOTE: Fees listed are estimates and a client’s fees for services may differ based on their specific circumstances and needs. A review of business bank statements & credit card statements is required before engaging services for any management accounting services.

** Our financial statement preparation services are not a stand-alone service and require transactional bookkeeping and reconciliation. Financial Statements are prepared using the Income Tax Basis of Accounting and are used for the preparation of the business tax return and for management purposes only.

**A client with more than 5 employees requires a custom quote and proposal acceptance.

*Annual Accounting Services: the pricing is limited to no more than 725 transactions for the reporting period; no more than 2 banking/credit statements reconciliation, and annual profit and loss statement. additional transactions are billed at $1.25 per transaction, $1.25 per check retrieval, $20 per bank reconciliation, and $125 per additional report requested I.e balance sheet, cash flow statement, statement of shareholders capital account.

Updated periodically. Last Updated 12/1/2022