Our Firm’s Scheduling Policy

APPOINTMENT FEES: All appointments are billed at $125 per appointment, due at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Unpaid appointment requests will automatically cancel 24-hrs prior to the appointment time. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an invoice for your appointment.

CANCELLATION POLICY: To prevent automatic cancellation of your appointment ensure your appointment fee is paid at least 24-hrs prior to your scheduled appointment. We require a 24 hr. notice of cancellation and/or to reschedule an appointment, and will charge $125 for missed appointments.

CLIENTS REFER CLIENTS: We do not do any advertisements, but rather invest in our clients. So, if you were referred ensure you let us know who referred you so we can show our appreciation to them. As a referred client you can get a $25 gift certificate by contacting the person who referred you which you can use with any service and the person who referred you will receive a $25 cash referral bonus.

NEW CLIENTS: If you decide to move forward with an engagement we will credit your appointment fee to any future services received within 30 days of your paid appointment.

EXISTING CLIENTS: If your request for an appointment is related to your existing engagement, your appointment request will be billed in accordance with your service agreement, and/or our firm’s billing and financial policy. If you are no longer under a service agreement that includes unlimited appointments. Then you will be billed accordingly.

*** In-Office Appointments are extremely limited and are only available on Saturday and Sunday, from 10AM -2PM. In-person appointments require a 48-hour notice of cancellation and/or to reschedule appointment, and will charge a $175 for missed appointments.