Document Exchange Policy-LOGIN or COME IN

Help Us Protect Your Data!

Our firm follows a strict document exchange policy that is mandated by the Internal Revenue Service to Secure Taxpayer Data. IRS Safeguard Taxpayer Data. Its Simple! Login or Come in.

  • If you need to send or received Tax Documents. Login to MyTaxPortal, which is our secure tax portal.
  • If you need to send or receive Payroll Documents. Login to Payroll Relief, which is our payroll portal for Employers and Employee.
  • If you need to send or receive Business Financial Data i.e Bank statements, checking information, invoicing or need to review your financial reports. Login to Accounting Power, which is our Accounting Portal for Business Financial Reporting.
  • If you need to send or receive Tax Resolution Documents or have issues with IRS or a tax reporting agency. Login in to the MyTaxReolution Portal which is our Online Tax Resolution Center.
  • If you need send or receive Tax Planning Documents. Login in to Tax Planner Pro, which is our Tax Coaching Portal for active Tax & Financial Planning.

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