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Annual Tax Accounting


Annual Tax Accounting Services

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Annual Tax Accounting Services

We will provide Annual Tax Accounting Services for your company which shall include the following scope of services:

Financial Statements Preparation:

  • Prepare Financial Statement on an Income Tax Basis of Accounting for the purpose of management to prepare its annual tax filing requirements.
  • Prepare company’s Income Statement, and Balance Sheet

Accounting Services:

  • Transaction Entry- We will record accounting transactions from bank statements, credit card statements, and any additional accounting source documents provided by the client.
  • Transaction Analysis- We will code accounting transactions and/or reclassify accounting transactions in the client’s books of records in accordance with IRS Revenue Procedures and General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • Collation of Banking and Accounting System Records-  We will download bank, credit card statements, checks, exported banking transactions, lending institutions liability statements, merchant account statements, and payroll records from the client’s banking and accounting systems.
  • Collation of Documents from Client- We will gather accounting and tax records from clients to include the bank statements, credit card statements, invoices, receipts, billing statements, payroll registers, contracts, and other documents required for recording accounting transactions.




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