At Shalom Consulting Group, we recognize that accurate, well-organized financial information is critical to your corporate or personal financial health. Our detail-oriented and insightful staff is committed to providing the comprehensive reports, analysis, and services you need to manage your finances and assess your financial position. We offer meaningful cost-effective accounting services from bookkeeping services to financial statement preparation to financial analysis to help you to manage your finances efficiently and accurately.

Tax Accounting/Write-Up Services

To succeed in business, you need to know where you are, financially. Well-organized, accurate financial records help your business run more efficiently and are fundamental to the business decisions you are called upon to make every day. Shalom Consulting Group has the expertise to provide thorough tax accounting services, including general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, and tracking and analysis of receivables and payables balances to help you keep your financial information accurate and up-to-date. 

Reconstruction of Accounting Records 

At Shalom Consulting Group, we offer tailor-made forensic tax accounting services, including reconstruction of financial records, asset tracing, expert analysis, reporting, and testimony in areas such a tax controversy, divorce, and business disputes. As specialists in the field, Shalom Consulting Group has often consulted during matrimonial disputes, partnership dissolutions, and estate disputes, to provide business valuation services or to uncover malfeasance and financial irregularities, and we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every engagement.

Solo 401(k) & Safe Harbor 401(k) Recordkeeping Services

Once you have established a Solo or Safe Harbor 401(k) plan, you will assume certain responsibilities in operating the plan one of those responsibilities is maintaining good records in accordance with ERISA recordkeeping guidelines. At Shalom Consulting Group we can help you stay ERISA compliant and assist you withThird Party 401K Recordkeeping services. A 401k Recordkeeper is essential to operating a compliant 401k plan, and will essentially fulfill the role of the bookkeeper of the 401k Plan. We can show the allocation of assets in your plan to plan participant accounts and file the annual Form 5500. 

Estate, Trust, & Probate Accounting Services

Shalom Consulting Group provides expert preparation of complex federal and state estate, gift, and trust tax returns, as well as offering comprehensive and knowledgeable assistance with the tax implications of your estate plans, business succession plans, and gifting strategies. We can advise you about the efficacy and tax implications of a number of estate planning strategies including irrevocable trusts and charitable giving strategies. We constantly strive to maximize the value of your estate, gift, or trust, and to protect your heirs or beneficiaries from confusion, uncertainty, and the distraction of unforeseen estate tax levies.