Tax Advisory Services

Shalom Consulting Group is committed to providing high-quality tax advisory services for businesses and non-profit organizations, encompassing proactive tax analysis, creative, year-round tax planning, and expert return preparation. Our experts focus on your particular needs and goals, identifying the most beneficial tax strategy for your organization, and helping you to devise an overall plan to maximize your tax savings and minimize your tax liabilities, both now and in the future.

Comprehensive Tax Advice

Every financial decision you make, whether in your personal life or for your business, can have tax implications. At Shalom Consulting Group, we believe that providing effective tax services goes beyond simple tax return preparation to comprehensive tax planning, to help you assess and manage the impact your financial decisions have on your taxes and your larger financial picture. Our tax professionals not only accurately prepare returns for all types of entities, including individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and not-for-profit organizations, but, as your trusted advisor, we can assess the tax implications of your financial decisions, formulate a tax strategy to minimize your liability, and proactively monitor significant changes to both tax law and to your finances to help you stay on track.

Unified Tax Approach

At Shalom Consulting Group, we take a holistic approach to tax services, providing both insightful tax planning and expert tax return preparation to a wide variety of clients. We specialize in providing coordinated business and personal tax services, with a particular focus on privately-held, family-owned, and closely-held companies or trusts, and the individuals concerned with them. At Shalom Consulting Group, we understand the dynamics of the closely-held or family-owned business and the relationship between the personal interests of the stakeholders and the overall interests of the business, recognizing that family-owned or closely-held business interests are typically highly integrated with the personal interests of the individual stakeholders. Our seasoned professionals are experienced not only in tax return preparation for family-owned or closely-held businesses or trusts but also in formulating tax strategies that balance the business and personal tax needs of the owners and stakeholders.